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Post 71 - Salt Lake Comic Con

A bit late, but here’s finally the write up for Comic Con

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SMASH & Pokémon #1

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Have you ever pulled off an elaborate prank?
sanngot asked

Hmm… I think the most elaborate one I pulled off was as a kid with some friends. We put some water in a cup or bucket above a door and had it fall down on someone else, probably one of my other brothers.

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Off to go do some climbing at the fitness center. Ask me more stuff and I’ll answer it when I’m back!

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Try your highly-rated playlist now.
markysheap asked

Okay, we’re going with 4 or 5 star songs:

1. The Last Statement (.hack roots)

2. Colin Begs You to Save Ilia (LoZ: Twilight Princess)

3. Valse de la Luna (Wolf’s Rain)

4. Boss Battle (PMD soundtrack)

5. Make A Resolution (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles)

6. Menu Theme from Touhou fighting game

7. Shingakki 4 (Azumanga Daioh)

8. Team Galaxy Battle (Brawl Soundtrack)

9. Nageki Song from Hatoful Boyfriend

10. Otonashi from Angel Beats

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send me have you ever’s and i’ll reply with yes or no

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sanngot answered your question “Any fun personal memes or things you want me to answer for Munday?”

What are the top characters you are looking forward to playing as most when the new Super Smash Bros comes out?

This is a tough one since I love playing most the characters! I’ll try to rank them.

1. Charizard! For obvious reasons.

2. Greninja, since he’s an awesome ninja frog

3. Robin, because swords are awesome and magic is awesome so the combination is bound to be incredible!

4. Duck Hunt Dog - After years of this dog laughing at my failures, it’s time to put him to work for me!

5. Yoshi! Yoshi is an old fave and it should be interesting to see how his posture change has made him different.

6. Palutena, because she seems pretty awesome with her powerful magic.

7. Jigglypuff! Another old favorite.

And I’m excited to try everyone else but those are the top ones.

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markysheap answered your question “Any fun personal memes or things you want me to answer for Munday?”

What are the 10 first songs on shuffle?
  1. Eternal Solitude (.hack roots)
  2. Let’s Begin (Azumanga Daioh)
  3. Beyond Me (Wolf’s Rain)
  4. No Reaction… Was I Wrong Then? (Fire Emblem Awakening)
  5. Edge (.hack liminality)
  6. Fall of Fall (Touhou Mountain of Faith Soundtrack)
  7. Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme
  8. Sunfall (from some Touhou soundtrack)
  9. Trick (Death Note Sountrack)
  10. Nervous (Fate Zero Soundtrack)

Well, it’s an odd mix of songs. It might change slightly if I used my highly rated playlist rather than my entire library.

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Any fun personal memes or things you want me to answer for Munday?

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Nobel-winning playwright Eugene O’Neill on happiness, hard work, and success – fantastic letter of tough love to his unmotivated teenage son