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Y Mountain's True Summit

It’s so much more scenic when you aren’t stuck in snow clouds.

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There is no final, satisfying way to balance our need to be known with our need to be alone.

So much wisdom in Joshua Rothman's beautiful essay on Virginia Woolf’s idea of privacy.

Pair with legendary psychoanalyst Adam Phillips on developing our capacity for “fertile solitude.” 

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Core Statement

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The Art of Self-Renewal – a 1964 gem on how to keep your soul (and your company) vibrantly alive

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Florence King on how to find yourself – some of the most magnificent life-advice you’ll ever receive

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If you haven’t yet, treat yourself to this soul-stretching 1992 interview with Leonard Cohen on songwriting, creative process, and working for the right motives.

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To be revisited regularly as hygiene for the soul: How to Find Fulfilling Work

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Halfway Review

Why is it we always hear about New Year’s resolutions but never hear about reviewing our goals halfway through the year? That’s what I’ve done in my new blog post.

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Did this instead of sleeping

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Pushing Your Art to the Next Level

Some inspiring ideas from my favorite Fantasy Con panel.